Wood Coffee Drip station 1610-445


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Wood Coffee Drip station 1610-445

This is a stationary drip made from wood. There are 4 legs. There are rubber pads to protect the water for placing the coffee bowl. Hole punched top for placing drip cups.
Designed for those who like to drip coffee. Makes drip coffee making easier and more convenient.

Size : width 21.5 x length 17 x height 20 cm.

Drip Station, Drip Coffee Stand: Drip stand For making drip coffee Use with a coffee filter or a standard drip as a drip coffee device.
Drip pedestal or drip base, depending on who calls There are many styles. To choose from wood, acrylic and other designs
Coffee drip equipment: Drip station, filter dripper, coffee grinder, drip coffee, water boiler. Temperature gauge Digital scales


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