Sound cover protect box Size 28x33x61 cm. 1602-050


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Soundproof box, Sound cover box protect 1602-050

Acrylic box For reducing blender noiseFruit Smoothie Time Is a box that is used to reduce the noise of the blender making the sound to be lower There will be a slot for opening the top drink And there is a door on the front, a function button, and a wire slot.

Input box for the blender juice to prevent noise For Blender Deliso รุ่น TM 767, TM 767A, TM 800, TM 800A

Acrylic thick :  8 mm.

Have 2 sizes : 
1602-030 Size 28 x 28 x 60 cm.
1602-050 Size 28 x 33 x 61 cm.


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