Set cold drip (Brown) 1610-475


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Set cold drip (Brown) 1610-475-C04
Set cold drip (Green) 1610-475-C06
Set cold drip (Blue) 1610-475-C08
Set cold drip (Orang) 1610-475-C10

Cold Drip Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee drip coffee machine is the use of ice or cold and then cold water drip through the coffee bean powder slowly, may be up to 3-4 hours. Slow life is much more than a cup of coffee.

In Thailand there are also shops that use this kind of brewing. Probably have to order to deceive, because one day probably only 1-2 glasses



Cold Drip Coffee Equipment : Cold Drip Coffee Maker, Grinder and Blend Coffee Beans, you can make cold pressed coffee. Which the taste is pleasing to you easily at your home or office


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