Nitro tap cold brew 1.8 Litres 1610-510


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Nitro tap cold brew 1.8 Litres 1610-510
Weight : 1.76 kg.
Size : 13.5 x 35 cm.
Capacity : 1.8 Litres


You might call Nitro Cold Brew the Cold Brew.

Ok too This name means cold extraction. By means of cold extraction or Nitro Cold Brew

This is one of the methods that we use to make coffee to drink using nitrogen gas for cold extraction through the cold extraction valve.

The difference between Nitro Cold Brew and other brews

Of course, Nitro Cold brew must be different from normal coffee.

And there must definitely be something more to hot brew than coffee What the Nitro Cold Brew Process

Better done than hot coffee is that it can reduce the acidity of the coffee. But the action

Or the degree of strength of the coffee still exists And more than hot brew That is because of this cold extraction

Will not destroy the deliciousness, mellowness and aroma of coffee like hot coffee that uses heat as well

How high the temperature of the brewing? The free bonus provided by Nitro Cold Brew in the coffee is the creamy foam that

On the cup without you having to put the coffee in Or just put the cream in

Why Nitro Cold Brew is more like coffee lovers?


1. In addition to the excellent taste of coffee obtained from cold extraction or Nitro Cold Brew

And what many coffee lovers like, it helps people drink coffee without having to worry about stomach acid.

Because cold brew coffee is less acidic than hot brewed coffee.

2. If talking about the taste, then cold-pressed coffee is not inferior to hot brewed coffee at all. Plus the intensity is satisfying again

Too Although it looks like just a normal black coffee, but the taste and quality in the glass obtained from

Nitro Cold Brew is definitely not ordinary.

3. For hot weather like Thailand, our country doesn’t have to worry that you have to drink coffee with cream to feel the tongue.

Because the cold-pressed coffee is as cold as the name suggests And with the fact that the coffee has a natural sweet taste

Makes you feel more refreshed And can easily apply the spray to the hot air

4. Cold brewed coffee obtained from Nitro Cold Brew method reduces the brewing process.

That is difficult to go through many steps You don’t have to boil hot water. Or have to add creamer and sugar

Add to waste time Just one step, you got the cold brew coffee to drink.

5. In addition, it also helps people who like to make coffee leave it for a long time. Unlike hot coffee

Brewed for just two days, both the smell And the taste of coffee has change


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