Measuring cup 200 ml. 1610-641


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Measuring cup 200 ml. 1610-641
With scales that can be viewed from the outside And inside without having to change hands
With scales for measuring water, flour and sugar
Note: can put water with heat 20°C-150°C

Glass Size : 
Glass Mouth Ø80 mm.
Glass bottom Ø65 mm.
Height 90 mm.
Glass mouth + handle 125 mm.

Measuring cup, measuring cup, jug, measuring device, measuring amount of ingredients To get the food flavor And beverages That came out precisely Get the taste you want. Every dish, every glass is perfect to be used in the kitchen Drink shops, cafes, convenient to pick up and use.
Suggestion for choosing a measuring cup To suit the raw materials that we want to use
Measuring Cup is a unit of measurement for measuring food ingredients. Both liquid flavoring Granules or powder solid, measuring cup size by household Also have different sizes But can be used interchangeably
Aside from the good ingredients for cooking and coffee, the tools are also equally importantEspecially Measuring tools, such as measuring cups, which are very important for precision cooking. Measuring cups One of the most important kitchen tools is a measuring cup used for measuring dry goods. And a measuring cup for measuring liquid
The liquid measuring cup will always be made larger than the measuring volume. To prevent liquid from spilling out from the measuring cup Which we can see the amount of liquid being measured Measuring the side of the measuring cup In addition, the liquid measuring cup has a mouthpiece for easy pouring of liquid. Due to the shape that is difficult to spread the mixture to be smooth Causing that liquid measuring cup Will not be able to measure dry things precisely At the same time Dry measuring cup with fitted cup edge It is also difficult to measure liquid precisely as well, so we should use the measuring cup to suit the raw material that we want to use.


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