MD-33SE Professional Blender With Noise Enclosure 1610-084

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MD-33SE Professional Blender With Noise Enclosure 1610-084

The juice blender is one of the household electrical appliances. That helps housewives save labor And cooking time Because it is a grinder to blend ingredients together more easily Whether making menus Healthy fruit and vegetable juices, soups or food menus for children. And the elderly Makes the housewife make menus without hassle

Features :
5 HP Peak output motor
Noise Enclosure
Using the noise enclosure, it will reduce the noise until 80%, makes your place for chat and meeting .
Special desiged noise enclosure which is easy for you to open and clean.
LED Light indicator.
Busy bar needs a smart and helpful machine, that’s why we create MADIN Blendicon.
It has LED light Indicator which help you to see if the blending process will nish soon.
5 Programs Selections
MADIN Blendicon has a smart board which has
programs to ensure consistency of your beverages.

A. Ice crushed
B. Ice Slushy
C. Ice Smoothie
D. Fresh Juice
E. Hot Beverages/ Soup/Sause
Spec. :
Voltage :   220 – 240V
Frequency :  50/60Hz
Power Consumption : 1800W
Capacity :   2.0L
Net weight :  7, 9Kg
Dimension :  Length 220mm Width 220mm Hight 520mm


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