Knockbox (Plastic ABS) 1610-303-C10


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Knockbox (Plastic ABS) 1610-303-C10

Just like the Tubbi knockbox, the managed to strip the product down to the basic elements,
a bar and a tub, and we are so happy with the result. We even managed to incorporate the
shape into the design to match the cups and the milk pitchers.

The box is about the same size as the Classic Knockbox and can easily hold 50 double pucks before
it needs emptying. So this is for the serious home barista or for commercial use in a coffee bar.

Again the rubber bar is reinforced with stainless steel and our choice of material help deaden
then sound of the portafilter knocking against it. A non-slip rubber pad on the bottom prevents
it moving about the place and also helps to reduce the noise.

To wash we recommend you just give it a rinse in mild detergent. The plastic tub is dishwasher
safe but we are not sure you need to go that far as a mild rinse works every time.

Material : ABS PLastic, Rubber and Stainless Steel

Dimension box :  Dai. width 17  x Height 15 CM.
Deep inside : 14 cm.
Colour options : Matt Orang
Product Weight : 500g
Packaging : 1 complete knockbox set


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