JX-600 Coffee Grinder machine 350W with tamper 1614-123-C02


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JX-600 Coffee Grinder machine 350W with tamper 1614-123
Suitable for general coffee shop.
Used to grind fresh coffee beans. In the amount we need.
Simple and easy to make coffee No hassle.

Congratulations for purchasing the Grinder-doser,
The Grinder-doser is a commercial appliance to be used in coffee shops,
espresso bars, hotels, restaurants, etc, Grinder will grind whole been coffee into variable,
user-selectable (from super fine to course coffee power and will dose it to your espresso machine Porta Filter.
Read this manual from cover to cover before using the appliance as it contains important instructions for the safety,
operation, and maintenance of the appliance. Keep the manual in a safe place for future use and reference.
The manufacture reserves the right to modify the appliance  and the manual accordingly.

Burrs diameter : 64 mm
Hopper capacity: 1200 gr. coffee beans
Timer: 5 mins
Europe: 220V/50 Hz
Power: 350W
Motor speed : 1400 RPM
Duty Cycle: 50%
Grinding capacities: 6-9 kg/hour
Height: 560 mm
width: 210 mm
Length: 300 mm
Weight: 15 kg
Have three color :  Red, Black, gray


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