IMIX Professional nutrition blender 1500 W. 1602-100


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IMIX Professional nutrition blender 1500 W. 1602-100

Functions :
The blender i
s equipped with an industrial grade motor with a rotary speed of up to 27,000 rmp. 
Dry or wet produce can be quickly and efficiently blended whlie raegaining its origial nutritional value and flavor.
This is a professional hegh speed blender for business or home use.

The juice blender is one of the household electrical appliances. That helps housewives save labor And cooking time Because it is a grinder to blend ingredients together more easily Whether making menus Healthy fruit and vegetable juices, soups or food menus for children. And the elderly Makes the housewife make menus without hassle

Voltage :
Frequency : 50 HZ.
Power :1500W
Motor speed : 27000 RPM.
Jar : 1 Litres

Color : Blue

Features :
1. Efficient and powerful industrial high-speed motor
2. Double antomatically protective electric ciruit (thermal/current protector)
3. Stainless steel blade
4. High quality food grade tug and rubber cap


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