IMIX Milk frother USB battery charger 1610-611


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IMIX Milk frother USB battery charger 1610-611
iMix Milk frother, charging system with USB port
Easy to use. Just charge the battery for 4-8 hours and fully adjust the speed setting for whipping the milk.
According to the instruction manual for light spin and fast spin system Then press and hold the red button
The machine will start to milk froth. Just that, you will get soft milk foam for Your favorite coffee
-With SAFETY power cut
-The motor axis has bearings. To prevent the swing of the milk frother
Battery capacity: 2000 MAH
Rotation speed: 8000-12000 RPM.
Frother machine Size : Diameter 4 x Length 38 cm.
Suggestion: The milk used must be very cold and hot, the milk that has been froze will not cause the foam to rise


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