IMIX GOOSENECK Variable Kettle 400ML.


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IMIX GOOSENECK Variable Kettle 800W 1614-200
GOOSENECK variable Kettle according to set temperature Prepared to be suitable for making drip coffees According to each person’s style
This Gooseneck gooseneck kettle will give you the heat temperature for your desired coffee brewing.
Make the coffee taste that comes out exactly the way you like it.

– Automatic timing system – can turn off the timer.
– Set water temperature to Fahrenheit or Celsius
– Set the right water temperature For brewing such as Brew coffee or brewing temperature for each type of coffee
– ergonomic shape Easy to pour
– Manufactured from stainless steel, maintaining the temperature very well And easy to clean
– Users can set And set the maximum temperature to 1 hour
– The kettle will store the final temperature setting when the appliance is turned off or unplugged.
Voltage : AC220V-50Hz.
Power : 800W
Dimension : W265 x D160 x H265 MM.
Weith : 092 kg.
Water capacity : 400 ml (Max)
Material : 
Cover : SUS304+Wood
Body : SUS304+PP+Wood
Mouth : SUS304
Handle : SUS201+Wood
Base : ABS+Glass


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