Imix Digital blender machine 2200W. with sound cover 1602-122


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Imix Digital blender machine 2200W. with sound cover 1602-122

The juice blender is one of the household electrical appliances. That helps housewives save labor And cooking time Because it is a grinder to blend ingredients together more easily Whether making menus Healthy fruit and vegetable juices, soups or food menus for children. And the elderly Makes the housewife make menus
without hassle

Voltage : 220V
Frequency : 50Hz
Power : 2200W.
Max speed : 27000RPM
Capacity : 2.0L PC Food grade
Size : width 21 x length 22 x height 51 cm.
Blade : heavy duty stainless steel
Drive socket : low noise and durable
Motor : made with real copper
Food jar : high quality food grade PC
Noise Lid : can open lid without opening the main cover
Stirrer : compatible stirrer included
We would like to recommend IMIX professional blender, JTC Blender, DELISIO Juice Blender.
There are many models With motor speed For blending the ice into smoothsmooth drinks
Is a blender for trading For use in cafes Beverage shop Can use heavy duty Blender, and we also have a model to reduce the blender noise For you to call to use Or if you buy a model that doesn’t have a spinning sound cover We still have equipment. Delisio spin sound box is provided for you to use with your blender.


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