Havy duty Coffee grinder 350W.-Burrs 64 mm. 1614-198


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Havy duty Coffee grinder 350W.-Burrs 64 mm. 1614-198
HC-600 is our veteran grinder. It is a well-balanced grinding machine designed
for heavy workloads serving up to 1000cups per dayand more, yet designed in
a modern and elegant style. It is the best performance/price grinder in the world.
It has a high quality coffee grinder that meets and exceeds the industry standard

at the lowest possible price.

Detail for upgrad from VER1 To VER2

Life time warrantied switch, (AD) safety powder level
control to avoid over grinding and blocking the
grinding chamber.
• Nicer smoother design (the ability to have 2 body
colors on one grinder) while keeping the legacy of the
old successful shape
• Die casting technology where motor and body are
combined to improve heat dissipation and improve
grinder’s maintenance simplicity
• Lower noise level by improving chute design and
motor cushioning
• New designed tray and dispenser handle
Heavy Duty cast Aluminum body
All Aluminum alloy casted dispenser, right/left hand handle
Extra wide dosing capability from as low as 5gr to 10+gr per dose
Specially hardened tooling steel grindstones
Micro adjust table for accurate grinding
Technical Specs
Grinding stones diameter: 64mm (flat type)
Grind speed: 2.5 – 3.0 g/s
Bean Hopper capacity: 1.5Kg
Grinding capacity: 6-9Kg/hour
Dispenser capacity: 250gr. (powder coffee)

Dispensing capacity: 5-10gr/cup

Electrical Specifications: 
Voltage : 230V
Frequency : 50Hz
Power : 350W
Motor Speed : 1400 RPM
Size : Width 210 x Length 350 x Height 570 mm


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