Hand blender 600W+Jar 600cc. 1610-362


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Hand blender 600W+Jar 600cc.1610-362
Using Blendr
The hand blender is perfectly suited for preparing dips, sauces,  mayonnaise and baby food as well as for mixing and milkshakes.
1. Insert the blender bar into motor unit. tum clockwise to lock it into motor unit.
2. Put ingredients in the beaker. to prevent splttering, immerse the blade
guard completely in the ingredients.(Beaker maximum capacity 600ml.)
You can use the hand blender in the beaker and just as well in any other vessel.
3. Switch the appliance on by pressing the switch I or swith II.
4. Blend the ingredients by moving the appliance slowly up. down and in circles.

Technical parameter:
Rotational speed
 : 14500RPM
Rate Voltage : 220V
Rated Frequency : 50/60Hz
Rated Power : 600W


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