Drip Kettle 1.0L. color silver 1610-289


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Drip Kettle 1.0L. color silver 1610-289

SG mark for cooking heater compatible cooking utensil
Display of this mark is permitted only to cooking utensils that
and compatible with the safety certification standard that the
Consumer Product Safety Association has estab lished for safe
use with cooking teaters. It is part of awarrantee program
against physical injury due to defective cooking untensills.

With the cooking heater at use :
1. Ensure to wipe off any water adhering to the bottom of the product
before putting it on a cooking heater for a more effcient heating.
2. Ensure to place the kettle at the center of the heater.
3. A humming noise may occur while heating the product
on an IH heater. This is cased by vibrations of the heater
and the kettle resonating. The does not mean that
the kettle is defective.
4. Please do not use it when the transformation and trouble are caused
by the fall and boiling without water, ete.

With the gas range at use :
1. Do not use the product to boil small amount of water.
Part of the body that is not in contact with water will be
overheated and be come discolored.
2. Please adjust the flame so that the flame does not spread
out beyound the bottom of the product. The handle
and lid knob may become overheated and become
deteriorated or discolored if the flame is too large.
3. Please place the kettle at the center of the cooking range
to ensure stability while boiling.

Size : width 295 x Deep 144 x Height 130 mm.
Full Capacity : 1.0 Litre
Practical capacity : 0.6 Litre
Color : Silver


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