Coffee Grinder ZD-17 150W. 1614-071


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Coffee Grinder ZD-17 150W. 1614-071

ZD-17 coffee grinder is the new flagship model
of the benefits of home grinder
grinding new anti-static powder feeding system
to make it more convenient and accurate access
additional powder white LED lights let you can
clearly see the grinding effect.
Adjustable sharpening calibration system allows
the user to easily select the appropriate grinding range.
Used for different styles of coffee brewing and extraction rate.
Biaxial grinding belt drive system effectively
enhance the accuracy and consistency. Belt drive motor
to minimize the movement of the disc to achieve uniform
grinding and minimizes the heat transfer.

Techinical Parameters :

Conical Burr Coffee grinder
Watt: 150W
Voltage: 220-240VAC, 50HZ
Appearance : Stainless steel body
Grinding range: Espresso → French Press
30-90 grind settings
Conical burr is available
Opeartion : Automatic
Direct to handle
Handle Holder : Available
Size: Length 140 x Width 230 x Height 405mm.
Hopper Capacity : 450 g
Weight: 3.99kg

The new anti-static grinding and feeding system
increases the convenience and accuracy of coffee powder output.
In addition, the white LED lights on the machine provide a clear
vision on the grinding result. Blade calibration system allows
user to select the appropriate grinding range easily. Therefore,
user can decide different brewing coffee styles and extraction rate.
Bi-axis belt drive system enhance the accuracy and consistency of coffee powder.
Belt drive motor minimizes the disc movement and thus achieve
uniform grinding and minimizes the heat transfer.


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