Coffee Grinder machine 150W Black 1614-017


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1614-017 Black
1614-020 Brown

Coffee beans grinding machine:
1. Grinding speed
2. Small heat
3. Uniform particles
4. Can work long hours

Product introduction:
1.The machine adopts special design micropipette grinding super hard,
fast speed, small heat, uniform particles, long time work, and improve the heat,
overload protection, safe and reliable. Ensure the professional quality of the coffee powder.
2.Dc motor and automatic protection motor and extend the life of the grinder itself.
Special need, super hard guarantee the raw ingredient of coffee beans,
let captious customers more satisfied with your coffee. The coffee powder,
can adjust knob hardness free adjustment of size, meets your needs.

Technical parameters:
Power: 150 W
Speed: 2800 r/min
Voltage: 220 V
Hopper capacity : 250g
Frequency: 50 HZ ac
Colors: red, black
The gear shift: 8
Grinding Stones Diameter(flat type) : Ø60mm.
Degree of grinding beans way: millstone regulation


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