Coffee Filter Paper or Cloth 1-2 cups (Trapezoid shape) 1610-268


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Coffee Filter Paper or Cloth  1-2 cups 1610-268

Suitable for all 101 Standard 1-2 cups (Trapezoid shape)

Cups for drip coffee Or transliterated as Dripper, some people would call Drip coffee filter cup
Various shapes, drip coffee cups or dripers for making drip coffee. That has to be used together with the coffee filter paper that is made for pairing

Coffee Dripper.
No Bleach process included in manufacturing.
Size : 1-2 cups

Item Size : A=140mm, B= 84mm, C=55mm



1. Fold the filter paper as shown in diagram.
2. Put the filter paper in the dripper, and load the dripper on a coffee server
3. Measure proper quantity of ground coffee (about 10g per person) into the dripper.
4. First pour a small stable stream in the dripper for prebrewing, then wait for 30 – 40 sec.
5. Pour small and stable stream as your desired again for brewing, coffee will drop into the server.
6. Unload dripper when coffee drips finished and your coffee is ready for served.

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