Ceramic Coffee Dripper 1-2 Cup (Trapezoid shape) 1610-180


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Ceramic Coffee Dripper 1-2 Cup (Trapezoid shape) 1610-180


Cups for drip coffee Or transliterated as Dripper , some people would call Drip coffee filter cup

The shape of a coffee filter or drip for making drip coffee. That must be used together with about 3 types of coffee filter paper

1. Cone shape coffee filter paper

2. Trapezoid shape coffee filter paper

3. Coffee filter paper with a filter cylinder or basket (Cylindrical, Basket shape)

Coffee Drippers are the perfect addition for your gourmet kitchen or office. Each of our drip
coffee makers feature quality construction and is designed to produce delicious and easy
freshly brewed coffee. It’s most economic way to make your coffee and serve your guests, you
can pick your prefer material with plastic or ceramic even colors.
How to use:
1. put paper drip into Dripper cup
2. refill coffee grinder on paper drip
3. take dripper put on glass
4. refill water into driper in quanlity you need
Tip : Paper Filter can use only one time for piece

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