Blade Coffee Grinder 200W. 1610-068


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Blade Coffee Grinder

Electric : 220-240V, 50Hz, 200W, 

How to use :

1. refill coffee bean in jar  (can refill bean weight 85 g) Blade grinders can move
should check have blade grinder into body machine before refill jar bean in machine
2. close cover
3. Plug the power
4. Use hand 1 side push cover and 1 side push swich, moveing hand leave swith for stop machine when coffee grinding the meat as desired.
**Don’t open cover when machine burring
5. Should set time for burr bean Suit coffee bean quantity too  Thus
– Coarse grinding  use time about  10 minute
– Middle grinding use time about 10-20 minute
– Ground coffee use time about  40-60 minute
6. Open cover when machine stop and pour the coffee out of the jar


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