ABS Milkshake machine 100W. 1602-108


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ABS Milk shake machine 100W. 1602-108

THE MILK SHAKE MAKER have composition with long time and high quality moter.
Body produce from ABS plasatic with white color look beautiful.
Can good mixing cocao green tea, milk shaker and other.
Still preserve nutritional value and taste.
The milk shake maker for home and coffee shop.
Product Characteristics  :
Mixing start button With 2 levels of speed
       Level 1: Speed 15000 RPM
       Level 2: Speed 24000 RPM
Electric Value : 220V, 50Hz, 100W.
1) Mixers for commercial use There is an electric motor with high speed and efficiency.
2) with short circuit protection
3) 2-layer mixing blades made of stainless steel for greater durability
4) comes with a stainless steel measuring cup


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