4 Cups stainless steel moka pot 1614-095


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4 Cups stainless steel moka pot 1614-095
can make coffee 4 cup
Body produce from stainless 304 hight quality

How to use Moka pot

Step 1
Fill the espresso pot with cold water. The inside of the pot is usually marked with a line to show the fill level.
If not, then fill it up to the relief valve on the side. The water should not seep through the strainer when you insert it.
This will waterlog the coffee and possibly affect the flavor.
Step 2
Insert the strainer assembly into the base. (Alternately, you can fill the assembly first then insert it. It’s a personal preference).
Step 3
Fill the strainer with espresso. Ensure that you do not get any grounds on the outside rim of the container. There must be
a perfect seal at this point or else the water will spew out once it begins to boil. Simply wipe any excess grounds off before
assembling the pot. This is one reason why some people fill the strainer first then insert it.

Warning: Do not pack the espresso down! This could possibly clog the system and generate too much pressure.
Although acceptable for commercial machines, packing the espresso in this type of pot can be dangerous.

This is what the espresso should look like after you fill the strainer. Piling the espresso like this places it flush with
the upper strainer of the pot, thus producing a stronger flavored drink. You can adjust it to your liking.
Step 4
Assemble the pot. Once again, ensure that no grounds are on the outside rim. Screw the pot onto the base by holding the pot itself,
not the handle. The handles can break easily (but are also replaceable).
Step 5
Place the pot over a low flame. A low flame increases the brew time, which enhances the flavor.
At a later step, you’ll want a slow trickle of espresso instead of a full-force fountain.

In this picture, you’ll notice a small metal piece under the pot. This piece is common for Italian
stoves and is available at any hardware store. It should work with an American-style stove
if the burner sides are spaced too far apart.
Step 6
While the espresso is brewing, add sugar to your mixing container. You can start with about a teaspoon per cup
and then adjust it from there to suit your taste. The pot in this picture is a 10-cup pot, so I used a little more than 10 teaspoons.
After some experience, you will be able to just dump the right amount of sugar into the container without measuring it.
Remember, making espresso is an art, not a science.


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