3 cup Coffee server with stainless steel filter 1610-321


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Dripper 3 cup Coffee server with stainless steel filter  1610-321

Statue of emperor share coffee pot using laboratory grade high boratry grade high
borosilicate heat-resistant glass material, delicate, elegant appearance, easy to use.

Is the best weapon to brewcoffee.

Tie-in statue of emperor special stainless steel coffee fillter, better.

Near the traditional coffe filter com pletely, has long service life,
reusable, no smell, easy cleaning, the advantages of low carbon
environmental protection.

Match applies chemex matches pot  and its V60 coffee filters.

No filter paper is required, heat-resistant glass pot
3 cup Coffee Server, Drip Tray are Included
Material :
: Heatproof Glassware, PP
Dripper : Stainless Steel Mesh
silicone rubber to prevent heat when hold

Color :
1610-321-C01 Black
1610-321-C10 Orang

Process :
1 Add grinding good coffee powder into the metal mesh, place the glass share pot of hukou.

2. To about 95 C water evenly into the filter coffee power, brewing filter to share shake hint scale.

3. Will share pot brewing good coffee to a cup of coffee and enjoy.


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