25 cups Cold drip coffee with Steel station 1610-561


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25 cups Cold drip coffee with Steel station 1610-561

Cold Drip coffee making set Is a round frame Is a drip coffee in a Japanese style

The advantage of iced coffee is that it is not sour and can be stored for one week.

Because the coffee powder is soaked and moist at a low temperature, the extracted coffee tastes rich,

smooth and thick, which is appreciated; the flavor expressed is of course outstanding.

Adjust the speed of water droplets, use cold water to slowly drip, and extract for 8 hours at a low

temperature of 5 degrees Celsius for a long time to make the original taste of coffee, which is highly appreciated.

The ice-drop coffee group has an elegant appearance and a versatile design. At the same time,

it can watch the dripping of the fine coffee from the dripper, let the time waiting for the coffee sublimate

into art appreciation, and make the ice drop coffee group. With the value of collection and appreciation.


Ice Drop Coffee Source:


Ice-brewed coffee originated in Europe. Since the coffee distillery was invented by the Dutch,

it was called Dutch Coffee, espresso or dripping coffee.

Ice-brewed coffee is compatible with water by the coffee itself, mainly through condensation of

natural water pressure, up to about 8 hours, one by one extraction. The taste of the coffee extracted by

the coffee distiller will of course vary with the degree of coffee roasting, the amount of water,

the temperature of the water, the speed of the water droplets, the thickness of the coffee grind, etc.,  and extract different ice-brewed coffee.


Size : width 25.5 x length 39 x height 110 cm.

Capacity: 25 servings

Material: Acrylic, borosilicate glass


25 people, suitable for small shop bar display or business products

Classical wooden scaffolding material

Change the traditional filter paper or filter cloth filter,

use fine sand stone to filter, make the coffee taste good.

High borosilicate glass, high temperature resistance, high light transmittance, good texture

Stainless steel drop control valve for adjustable water drop speed




1. Iced coffee is mostly used in deep roasting ground coffee powder

2. The amount of water is adjusted according to the amount of coffee powder.

-three-People -30~40g coffee powder (300~400cc water)

-Five people -50~60g coffee powder (500~600cc water)

-Ten people -100~120g coffee powder (1000~1200cc water)

3. Never use hot water

4, water droplets adjust 3 seconds 2 drops or 5 seconds 3 drops. Too fast,

easy to light and tasteless and too acidic due to insufficient extraction

5, ice-drop coffee is suitable for refrigerated drinking, add ice cubes when drinking


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